Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make your statement!

Hello you!
I have been dreaming non-stop since my last blog about nothing else but SUMMER! I can't stop thinking about it. But it's still winter, which means it's still cold out. For most of us that live where winter is really actually "Winter," we have a few coats. I've actually never had a coat until this year, and I must say that it's awesome and super useful. I am wearing the hell out of it! As spring gets closer and closer, fashion should change from dark winter trends to more colorful ones, but still with keeping in that winter spirit. I came across these awesome looks to prove that one can make a statement and still keep it warm at the same time. I love jackets. Why?...because they make any outfit instantly elegant, even if the rest of the stuff is falling apart. Check out these looks below and notice that if it's not all about the shoes or the hair, then it will be this spring/summer season. Thank you GQ for being alive ( Tommy Ton, Bill Gentle,  Gordon Von Steiner)


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MKYK said...

well my friend, i MUST say that your looks are super cute and chic! i tend to do the whole peek-a-boo sock situation, but it also looks sexy when guys do it. so for all you men out there,take notes from J.S. and i guarantee you'll get a bunch of "come hither" looks :)