Monday, January 28, 2013

Losing You.

This has been on repeat.

Solange Knowles.

eeep! i'm so obsessed with lena dunham and girls on hbo.

Its obvious, from previous posts, that I love a good mixing of the prints. And these days, no one is doing it better than Ms. Solange Knowles. Besides being fun and funky, the thing that I love about this look, is that it can easily be assembled from thrift store finds. Which is good for your pocket and is an adventure all on its own. A key element in rocking mixed prints is keeping your makeup simple, or just adding a bold lip, to chic it up. Here are my favorite Solange looks. Get inspired.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Outfit Inspo: Bold Shoulders.

Grey and black done right.  Everyone's familiar with the fur collar, but the fur shoulder is a whole different playing field. Unique but not too outrageous, this look caught my eye immediately.  And yes... I'm addicted to Pinterest.

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"... an uncertain haze, how am i to tell. i know your face all too well, still i wake up alone..."

2013... Let's do this.

= my wish for you in the new year =

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