Friday, January 28, 2011

I want... I NEED...

Even though January is barely ending, let's face it people, spring/summer is right around the corner!  So why not bring back some good old OVERALLS.  The images below are great ways to wear overalls in the springtime.  When the weather shifts to sunnier skies, roll up both pant legs to show off a little leg and great summer platforms/wedges.  Underneath, go for a cute little tank or a cool crop top. Overalls are my must have staple for the season.  Once I get paid, you best believe I'm getting me a pair!


(images from,,,, teenvogue, Alexander Wang)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walking down town? play and listen.

Make your statement!

Hello you!
I have been dreaming non-stop since my last blog about nothing else but SUMMER! I can't stop thinking about it. But it's still winter, which means it's still cold out. For most of us that live where winter is really actually "Winter," we have a few coats. I've actually never had a coat until this year, and I must say that it's awesome and super useful. I am wearing the hell out of it! As spring gets closer and closer, fashion should change from dark winter trends to more colorful ones, but still with keeping in that winter spirit. I came across these awesome looks to prove that one can make a statement and still keep it warm at the same time. I love jackets. Why?...because they make any outfit instantly elegant, even if the rest of the stuff is falling apart. Check out these looks below and notice that if it's not all about the shoes or the hair, then it will be this spring/summer season. Thank you GQ for being alive ( Tommy Ton, Bill Gentle,  Gordon Von Steiner)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart..."


I've been really feelin' the whole blush tone look. My weekend started at H&M, where I was drooling over this blush babydoll/shirt-esque dress. It was very light, flowy, and mid-length with roll-up sleeves, perfect for the upcoming seasons. It was the last one left, and just my luck... it was NOT my size. Gaaah! So I opted for this striped maxi skirt, which I happen to LOVE. Well back to the topic, blush tones are very romantic and look good on any skintone. And if you want to be more subtle, add a blush purse to any wardrobe or simply paint your nails in this lovely hue. Be prepared to see more blush tones and neutrals in the days to come.
(looks from Fendi, Nina Ricci, Imitation-spring 2011)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Man on Cold!

It's cold! Well at least where I am it is. However, unless you are in some sort of tropical island or land you will not need any of the above or below. The fall/winter trends come with an awesome selection of WINTER COATS for men. Whether you like heavy coats or super light wind breakers, there is something out there for you. Every major designer showed sick looking coats to keep every part of you body warm. I haven't had the chance to go vintage shopping yet for that awesome piece that will keep me warm and looking sharp, but Daddy just got paid so you know what I'll be doing this weekend. This season, having a sharp fitted coat is a major must! These staple pieces will keep you looking sharp at any time of the day or night. Look for warm thick coats for the evening and lighter materials for the day. Always keep in mind the fit of the coat; make sure it adds shape to your body and that it doesn't make you look boxy in any way. Oh yea, and don't forget that just because the coat is awesome doesn't mean it's bound to look awesome on you. My faves are all black on black coats for winter...why? cause they're CLASSIC!! ( looks by 3.1 Phillip, Besoken, Trusardi 1911, and Ann Demeulemeeser)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

" I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear..."



                         "...its massive, its gruesome that someone so handsome should care..."