Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've been really feelin' the whole blush tone look. My weekend started at H&M, where I was drooling over this blush babydoll/shirt-esque dress. It was very light, flowy, and mid-length with roll-up sleeves, perfect for the upcoming seasons. It was the last one left, and just my luck... it was NOT my size. Gaaah! So I opted for this striped maxi skirt, which I happen to LOVE. Well back to the topic, blush tones are very romantic and look good on any skintone. And if you want to be more subtle, add a blush purse to any wardrobe or simply paint your nails in this lovely hue. Be prepared to see more blush tones and neutrals in the days to come.
(looks from Fendi, Nina Ricci, Imitation-spring 2011)


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