Monday, December 5, 2011

Whether You Fall...

The L word:  Dana and Alice break up scene: So for those of you who have never seen the L word,  
Alice and Dana were best friends turned lovers. Until this scene, where Dana breaks up with Alice to give it another go with her ex-girlfriend. I think I actually teared up while watching this scene for the first time. Oh the drama, the love, the heartache... I miss my L word. But at least I have the dvd's, thanks to le bf. :)

"Whether you Fall" by Tracy Bonham

the sexy ladies of the L word

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Lidiya said...

The L Word is such a cool show, I love it <3

MKYK said...

I know right? I miss it. Just checked out your blog, really good stuff! I've just become a follower, be a doll and follow me back? :) thanks!