Friday, August 19, 2011

My Friday @ the Outside Lands Music and Art Festival 2011

    I ended up going on Friday, even though I planned on not going at all this year.  So glad that I went!  Here are a few photos that I took that day.  Hope you likey!

(click on images to enlarge)

art in the park

in the woods


reminiscent of The Lost Boys' tree house in Hook?


these parachutes made me happy!

wine tasting!

Joanne and I, see-sawing for energy

 the beautiful people


lil' old me

The Joy Formidable
Ritzy Bryan was too cute, cursing in her British accent

Toro y Moi, stood right in front of me

Dave Chappelle came out to say a few words before Big Boi did NOT perform.  Supposedly, the dj was having some technical problems, and instead of giving us a "half-assed" show, as was said, they decided to give us no show at all.  People, including myself, stood there for about an hour before they gave us this news. C'mon Big Boi, you could've at least gave us some kind of freestyle.... a tidbit of something!   Anywho, we also watched MGMT and The Phantograms perform earlier that afternoon, and I hate to say it but I really didn't enjoy their sets.  I found it pretty boring. 




 "we've been programmed, wake up, we miss you..."

 A trip out to San Francisco wouldn't be complete without dim sum in Chinatown.  My favorite place for dim sum is New Asia on Pacific Street.  Be sure to get there early, this place is always crowded! 11ish would be an ideal time to go.... SO good!!!

 *sorry for the late post, I've been so sick ever since the festival :(

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