Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Florence and The Machine

      As if it were impossible to love her even more, after her performance at the UC Berkeley Greek Theatre, I'm officially head over heels with Florence and The Machine.  Not only can she belt out a note, but she is so charming and super cute!  With stage presence galore, I was mesmerized by her twirling and running around in a billowing yellow dress.  I felt like I was in a fantasy fairy land and Florence was the goddess of all things amazing!  Some highlights for me were, "Drumming Song", "Howl", and of course, "Rabbit Heart".  She did an acoustic version of "I'm not Calling you a Liar", which truly showed off her vocals.  There was even talk about a NEW album, as she test drove her new single, "What the Water Gave Me".  Oh, Florence and The Machine... you rock my universe. 

(click image to enlarge)

"and my running feet could fly, each breath screaming, we are all too young to die..."

I was down there... somewhere :)

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