Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Season

    It's officially winter.  Which means.... sweaters, sweaters, sweaters!  As an avid thrift/vintage shopper, I always head towards the sweater and slip dress sections, no matter the season.  Strange!  Because of this obsession, my closet is overflowing with knits.  So I've decided to share the wealth, and will be selling some really cool vintage sweaters on  But first, I have to get rid of this virus that my computer detected.... Eeek!

(looks from,,,, marc by marc jacobs)


my chunky sweater of the day

( vintage sweater, UO slip dress, sheer maxi skirt, rib necklace, thrift nude belt)


Anonymous said...

Hey sis...ur skitz! Is that photo by LSetsuko?!

MKYK said...

nope, i took advantage of gelly when she was in town. but i definitely will be calling LSetsuko to help me soon, even though she hates it, lol!